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Saturday…pre-Turkey day November 22, 2014

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7:43 a.m.   I’ve been up since 6.  Out of bed since 6:20.  Kids are still sleeping.  This.  Is.  The.  Life.  jk….but, really, it is pretty windy, clearly gearing up to rain at some point and quite balmy.  I just finished my Dunkin Donuts caramel coffee cake coffee and figured I’d visit the blog for a quick minute or 20.

The good news is…..Christmas is coming and maybe a laptop, too?!  Totally on my Christmas list.  Rest assured.

Some  highlights….we hit the 40’s here this week and I had to break down and get our oldest a heavier jacket.  Today I’ll need to get our 15-year-old a couple more pair of pants and this week Thred up delivered RIGHT ON TIME with 2 pair of pants for  our youngest.  Yowza.  The problems of living in the Florida:  no cold weather gear.  I will stop “complaining” though because, Buffalo.  Surreal to  me.  All these pics.  I am morbidly fascinated, horrified and freaked at the amount of snow….BEFORE.  THANKSGIVING.  What the heck will winter bring?!?!??!  Anyway, I’ve been keeping tabs on Heather  at Mamaknowshoneychild on her Insta account and just, wow.  I want to bring them some soup.  And groceries.  And a personal snow plow.

What else?

Christmas pics done and I am impatiently waiting for  them to arrive so I can put them together and send them off.  I may have mentioned before, but I find it hard to wrap my mind around Christmas shopping until I get the cards out.  And with a short Christmas season again (thanks a lot late Thanksgiving!!), I don’t want to be rushed again like last year.  However, I have purchased the boys SURPRISE plane tix to see Mimi and John in January (providing we aren’t hampered by snow and I DID buy insurance for that reason alone!), and the girls’ Christmas PJs….so the shopping has officially begun.

I addition, I have purchased our youngest’s birthday present (June) to see her very favorite T-swizzle in Tampa in October.  And my own EDEL15 ticket to Charleston in July!!!  Woop woop.

The Hubs and I have decided to make Thursday nights and Saturday a.m. our “Spin Class” dates.  So, back in the saddle I go.  Surprisingly, it’s just like riding a bike.  ahem.  punny, right?  Anyhooooo…..good sweat and heading into the food fest that is November and December followed by insurance blood work and body comp in February (which incidentally, can lower our insurance rates by 1/2……) it seems like a good idea to go ahead and do this.  I’m sure my jeans will thank me, too!

I now have a heavy-duty staple gun and am ready to go.  I have already repaired the bottom of the couch.  Next up is the recovering of the girls’ bulletin boards to match their room re-do and recovering the piano bench to go in our room at the foot of our bed.  Be scared.  And then be awed.

The girls and I enjoyed the FSU homecoming game two weeks ago with my step-dad, sister and nephew and step-bro and nephew.  Tailgating with friends, Trader Joe’s and staying up way too late post game chatting with my girlfriend.   Was a fab weekend!!  I’ll be back up in Tally in December to babysit my nephews <blatant HINT HINT> on December 13 and I think I’ll take the boys to Thomasville to see some fun decorations and such…we will have just missed the Victorian Christmas festival, but maybe YOU can go!!

I’m out.  The kids are stirring.  It’s been a great 25 minutes…peace out and Happy thanksgiving!!




It’s a marathon, not a sprint October 30, 2014

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It’s for the long haul.

And, boy, there will be days when you hit the wall.

Just like running, you have a choice: quit and go home, or power through.

Sometimes, you just need to regroup and grab some sustenance because you’re running low on fuel.

And that makes all the difference.

So, when you are hitting those patches of life seasons where carpools, homework, taxi duty part 2, 3 and 4, weekend extracurriculars, marching band competitions, volleyball tournaments, homecoming, cold snap and STAT runs to the store for long pants and hoodies for growing legs and arms, combined with work, bills, feeding and caring for this church……… and the list goes on.

Yeah, that kind of balance.

That’s where it gets real.

And you have to stop and grab sustenance. Because suddenly, the only talking that has been taking place is reduced to scheduling, organizing and surviving.

When that Hubby says, “I NEED you. To talk to you. I. Need. You.” So, in the midst of it all, you sit on that couch and talk. Not about scheduling or carpools or dinner menu. Talk. Life. Anxieties. Dreams. Goals. Needs. Desires.

This is what it is all about. Living. Loving. Communicating.

5 minutes from now all that life stuff will still be there.

That wall will come. Because, you know, life. But choose sustenance. It makes all the difference.

Thanks for the couch time, Hubby. You’re the best! XO




The blog’s not dead…. October 29, 2014

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But it’s barely alive.

It’s been since July since I’ve done any “regular” type of blogging, but there are talks of getting a laptop for Mama soon and then maybe I can pick back up! or not. but there IS hope.

As you can imagine, life’s been trucking along (even without a laptop).

Summer came and went, the first quarter of school has come and gone, we are speeding toward the holidays, my new job is awesome and thanks be to GOD, the weather is finally cooling off!!!

The girls and I are heading to FSU in 2 weeks for the homecoming game with my stepdad and by the time I DO actually get my laptop, it is certain there will be plenty o’ flashback pics and posts to catch everyone up. No holding breath necessary.

So, until then….get ready to go VOTE!!! Pray for the persecuted church and for the love of ALL things, wash your hands, people. Wash. Your. Hands.


**P.S. If you didn’t get the reference, go watch the movie….God’s not dead. AW.E.SOME.!!!


Happy Anniversary!! September 23, 2014

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WordPress alerted me with a trophy announcing my 3 year blogiversary. 17 days ago. Clearly I am waaaaaaaaay off the radar here.

But good news! We are finally getting to the point that I can replace my beloved laptop, to which I believe will return me to the blog world. Let’s collectively hold our breath, shall we?

It’s quite challenging to blog on the PC. My Hubby is sweet and offered up his laptop, but…..he uses it daily for work and I shudder at the thought of something happening to it on my watch. Too much pressure. And the phone. Puhleeeeze. I can barely read the blogs on my phone, never mind pen one.

So. Hang tight. Lots to report and such. Stay tuned! :-)



New job Jazz July 20, 2014

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Last week I told y’all I am leaving my current job to start with a new company.  Now, I’ll give you some background.  It’s all very God-lead, in my opinion, and I’m just standing back amazed as it all unfolds.

I’ve been intermittently keeping an eye on a local hospital for job openings for some fill-in work on weekends for quite some time now and have barely gotten a bite; talk about your ego bruising.  Once again, a PRN (fill in position) came open, my friend let me know and so I said to the Hubs, “this is the last time I put in and then I’m done.”.  A week later he encouraged me to send the follow-up email to the director, to which I grudgingly did so, lo and flippin’ behold, she emailed me back and followed up with a phone call to set up an interview the following Monday.  The interesting part on the phone call was that she was giving me a pretty detailed time-line of interview, decision, orientation, 2 weeks notice, yada, yada, yada.  I hung up with an appointment and totally confused as to why on earth I’d need to give notice for a PRN position.

Obviously I went home that night and scoured the website for other openings that maybe I missed.  Sure enough, a full-time position at a new facility of the hospital’s was posted.  What?  Full-time?  Not even on my radar.  This was going to be interesting.  Now I was just curious as to where this could go and IF I would follow through.  If it was meant to be….it would.

I had my interview, which felt comfortable and easy and AN HOUR LONG!!!  Waited a whole week and finally, FINALLY got the call.  They picked ME!!!  The Hubs and I had some decisions to make, and I had a feeling that this might be God’s timing and I would be best suited to follow Samuel’s lead and follow along.  I also had a deja vu moment from when I bought the house…read HERE   and that worked out beyond my wildest dreams, so yes, I was absolutely curious.

And so, in the end, I leave a job that has been very good to me for the last 10 years and step out into a company that can offer me more opportunity for future growth.  The craziest thing is that both the Hubs and I are completely and totally at peace with this decision.  It will require some schedule shifting and kid-compliance, probably multiple times over the next several months as the center opens and hits its stride, but everyone is on board.

So, change is a comin’ and even though I don’t love change, I’m ready to embrace what the future holds.

As a bonus, I get some catch up time with friends across the state in the interim, so #WINNING!!



Changes. Challenges. July 18, 2014

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Door challenge

Door challenge

I absolutely won’t be trying this #doorchallenge anytime soon….my aching back just watching these girls get into this position and then reverse and then again.  But they did it.  And grammed it.  Challenge: complete.

My own challenge comes in form of a new job.  Sort of.  What?  Yup.  After a decade with the same company and my degree just sitting on its haunches, I happened into a position with the competition (also a far larger organization).  While, the initial position is essentially a lateral move, the potential for growth is better and with a large, well-run organization there are countless other benefits.

I can’t explain it, but there is a tremendous sense of peace in this decision both with myself and with the Hubs.  The peace, I am certain, lies in the job itself opening to a Full-time position when I wasn’t even looking.  Good friends, old friends, who unknown to me at the time, were background cheerleaders to the powers that be before and after my interview.  The timing is quick, with little time to second-guess and drag it out.  Basically, knock, open, go in.   God is in control.  Fully.  With no doubt.  And I’ve been here before, when He opened the door to our house.  Sometimes, those prayers of “Please….God….I am dense and thick and need you to make this clear as day”, really DO get answered.  Not always right away, not always the way I think I want them to be answered, but it does happen.  And it’s just WOW.  Really.  Wow.

I mean, I know NO one at this office.  It’s brand new, Opening day is September 8.  My 7 minute drive and 5 mile world just opened up to about a 30-ish minute commute and a 20-something mile world.  What.  The.  Heck.  It’s all good though and clearly I’ll have more time for phone calls and podcasts with additional time in the car.

It will be an interesting year ahead and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.  It’s time.  And I’m up for the challenge!  So, here’s hoping I’m hopping from the fire to the pan and not vice versa!



Throwback Thursday to: More Memorial Day 2013 July 17, 2014

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In cleaning out my “drafts” on my blog dashboard, I came across this one, which I can NOT find as published so I am throwing it in as a #TBT…it’s a thing for everything else, right?  Why not blog.  Besides, I like these pictures and with my boy finishing up a week at horn camp (locally!) it’s nice to look back!

In which I blow up your email, twitter feed and Bloglovin’ with a bevy of blog posts in one day.  It’s called procrastination, folks and if you would like lessons…HMU.  Later.

US Navy band @ Memorial Day Tribute concert.  "Taps" brought me to tears.

US Navy band @ Memorial Day Tribute concert. “Taps” brought me to tears.

Flyover by a WWII B52 as the US Navy band finished up.

Flyover by a WWII B52 as the US Navy band finished up.

The DSC summer festival band; our boy was invited to play by his instructor.

The DSC summer festival band; our boy was invited to play by his instructor.

Proof we ate partially healthy this weekend--homemade summer rolls, paired with a salad for dinner.  The bomb-diggety.

Proof we ate partially healthy this weekend–homemade summer rolls, paired with a salad for dinner. The bomb-diggety.

NSB.  Low tide.  Not to rough.

NSB. Low tide. Not to rough.

Playing in the water like a boss.

Playing in the water like a boss.

Collecting shells, pieces, parts and organizing them.

Collecting shells, pieces, parts and organizing them.

The pool.  On the beach.  The girls were in heaven.

The pool. On the beach. The girls were in heaven.

Home base on the beach.  Look for the FSU tent.

Home base on the beach. Look for the FSU tent.



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