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The SALT. The SAND. The WAVES. The BREEZE. AHHHHHhhhhh! March 19, 2012

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Spring Break is upon us, and while I don’t have the ENTIRE week off, I DO have these three days off!  So, we will be spending at LEAST a portion of every day soaking up the salt, the sun and the waves.  The girls have new suits (LOVE Walmart $9 suits!), fresh sunscreen, I have a book to read and the back of the truck is already set with chairs and beach toys.  We will vacuum on Wednesday….why bother until then?


Apparently we aren’t the only ones getting in a post-Mass beach day.  Well….it IS Spring Break AND the end of Bike Week!  not to mention an absolutely GORGEOUS day!!


one set of “bikes”….


and another set of “Bikes”…it should be a little quieter around here now.


You can find me here these next few days.  Text if you need me, I’ll answer when I can….


2 Responses to “The SALT. The SAND. The WAVES. The BREEZE. AHHHHHhhhhh!”

  1. I’m so envious, miss my beach time! Enjoy, you deserve it, hurry up May!! Love you bunches!

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