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Time management…..whatev! We can’t ALL be perfect. June 20, 2012

Here we are in our second week of summer.  Yesterday as I rolled into work late for the second day in a row it occurred to me that my time management skills are el sucko!  Actually, not so much that it’s my time management skills but that fact that I haven’t made a successful transition to our summer schedule yet. Nor have  I even tried.  Therein lies the problem.  And then I remember, for some reason it usually takes me about two weeks to make the transition to a new routine……..WHY?!??!!?

In the mornings I am now finding myself with a surplus of time and that is the foundation of my time management rearrangement challenge.  With all this extra time I feel I can do so much more, neglecting the clock and then rushing like a madwoman in the last 5 minutes and leaving late (BUT…..still managing to get it done….just late!).

Last night I looked at my morning and mentally readjusted my “plan” allotting myself a set time for my Quiet time in the morning with a definitive END time to my Quiet activities, thus BEGINNING my daily routine of getting the girls up, ready and out the door.  ON.  TIME.

Here we go.  Day 1 of readjusting the summer clock.  Wish me luck!!  Anyone else have problems adjusting to new changes in schedules, i.e. summer, back-to-school??  Or is it just me?


4 Responses to “Time management…..whatev! We can’t ALL be perfect.”

  1. pamasaurus Says:

    I definitely also have this problem. If I sleep in an extra hour one day, it throws off my whole schedule for the next week! My poor schedule is so delicate :/

  2. My kids don’t get their summer holidays for another week. So I’m still in full blown work & school mode. I think I might take some inspiration from you for re-organsing my mornings from July onwards though. Thanks!

    • tracye1 Says:

      If you can learn from my lack of organization, by all means….carry on!!! And if it doesn’t work….ah, there’s always the next day, and the next….

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