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Wings, waves and fabulous fall weather! October 14, 2012

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My sis and the boys came to town for the air show at the beach.  (BIL had to work–BOO HISS!).  It was phenomenal fall weather and and AWE-inspiring air show!!

Crowds lined the beach for a perfect view!

The Snow birds were a HUGE hit (and our first act…a hard one to follow!)

This little trick of “crossing paths” took my sister’s breath away.  Every time.  Serious.

The Geico planes

The Thunderbirds.  Man those jets are loud.  And they give you goosebumps!!

This was a T-bird “putting on the brakes”…all the way past the pier…CRAZAY!!!

A great day to fly a kite, too!



3 Responses to “Wings, waves and fabulous fall weather!”

  1. pamasaurus Says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a really amazing day ❤

    • tracye1 Says:

      thanks. It was great. Sadly, I only had my iPhone, should have taken the good camera….ah well…at least I’m not digging sand out of it 😉

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