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#whatIworeSunday Volume 3 November 18, 2012

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like that hashtag?  sneaky, eh?

Once again, the Sunday Mass fashion show is upon us and I’m joining in the fun at Fine Linen and Purple.  I can’t WAIT to see what everyone else wore!!!

Here goes moi….

Another Lia Sophia…super fun, super pink and a little obnoxious and I. don’t. care.

wrinkles courtesy of mucho handwashing at work, good for squashing the germs, not so good for hydrating the epidermis…need.  more.  lotion.

Necklace and matchy matchy bracelet…gift from Mama a while back ❤


Head to toe with emphasis on Zee BOOTS!

Shirt from Kohl’s a few years ago.   Skirt Old Navy on clearance a few years ago.  Tights. ???  forgot I even had them.  Boots…Target!

That’s all folks, head on over to What I wore Sunday and view all the other lovelies!!





16 Responses to “#whatIworeSunday Volume 3”

  1. Amanda Says:

    LOVE this outfit on you; very becoming! The boots are the BOMB! And I know of a good Arbonne lotion which will tackle those hands…just saying, that’s all =)

  2. Karen Says:

    You said matchy matchy. Lea will be sooooooo excited!! She is all about thaty that!

    • tracye1 Says:

      I know….I’m such a copy cat. Aside from great company, it’s the REAL reason I go to scrapbook weekend, to STEAL ideas and catchphrases!! I’m not too proud…

  3. Brooke Says:

    love zee boots! Sunday Mass Show,,, love it!

  4. Ellen Says:

    Cute outfit! I like your matchy-matchy jewelery and how it all coordinates with the outfit. Accessories are where I need some work…

  5. I love the burgundy shirt with the grey skirt! Very cute outfit!

  6. I am loving your Jewelry. Boots, Boots, Boots-can’t wrong huh? Loving yours!

  7. Emily Says:

    I love your ring! And boots seem to be the big trend now.. clearly I need to get some. Thank you so much for participating with us!

  8. lieselmm Says:

    Love those fall colors! And the boots + skirt look is fab!

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