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Thanksgiving Fashion November 22, 2012

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Since “What I Wore Sunday “at Fine Linen and Purple is so fun, Grace decided to host a “What I wore Thanksgiving” and of course, I am dropping in.  Now I won’t hold it against Grace that she had a totally PRE-planned outfit all put together for her cutie preggo self and since I love seeing what everyone else is in AND how they take their photos, especially whilst wrasslin’ younguns in the process….I’m joining in….although Thanksgiving is a long day……(be sure to check them out in your tryptophan induced haze…I certainly am!)

Morning attire. Need. Coffee. PJs, robe and slippers. Need to start the turkey….

You know you looked like this, too! Post a.m. “pre-turkey feast” walk in my cozy pants and thermal and then topped off with my favorite apron by Brite…ready to wrangle the vittles!!

Amazingly suckered the oldest into becoming my photographer for this one!! Long skirt and shirt from Kohl’s and belt to tie in the shirt a bit. Tank from Wally world.

Super comfy slide wedge shoes from Kohl’s with painted tootsies!

Love this necklace and the dear friend who gave it to me!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all, hope it was festive and delicious and awesome!!






10 Responses to “Thanksgiving Fashion”

  1. Lookin’ good, Tracye! I wouldn’t want to cross you in the kitchen though! 😉

  2. Kohl’s is gettin’ some lovey love love in this link-up! I think it’s rising to My Favorite Store status…

    Love all three of your looks 🙂

  3. DixieGrit Says:

    Re: picture #2, you look like you mean business! And I love your ruffled blouse!

  4. Janel Says:

    Haha! Love that you did a progression of outfits!! And I dig that necklace too! 🙂 Good work.

  5. Cozy morning clothes can’t be overvalued. And I love your cooking face. Lovely holiday attire!

  6. Camille Says: the transitional photos.

    Cheers. Found you on Patton!

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