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Habemus Papam! March 14, 2013

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History in the making.  What a joyful day yesterday!!  I am happy to report my worked fabulously and I received a text @ lunch in Target….white smoke!!!

I’m hungry for information on our new Pope, this man who bowed to the people, this man who asked for prayers prior to his first blessing.  The first Jesuit.  The first Latin American.  The first non-European.  The first Francis.

And the silence.  To hear, feel, see the silence as the world stopped to pray for Pope Francis I.  The reverence.  The love.  My heart could burst with this joy.  Oh, happy day.

Habemus Papam!!


2 Responses to “Habemus Papam!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Oh how I wish you were on FB this week! So much great info about this man…265the pope, first Latin American, first Jesuit, etc. Spent time in Adoration before exiting the balcony, bowed to the people, refused to stand up on the platform, rode the bus to/fro the voting, even as our new Holy Father! Paid his own hotel bill, and the list goes on…Took the name Francis whose command from God was, “Francis, rebuild my Church!” Habemus Papam, indeed! =)

  2. Yay! Very happy there is a new Pope!

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