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27 again…birthday fun! May 16, 2013

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Every time I turn 27 again, it’s just awesome.  Really.  (16 times now, I’m getting good at this!!)  To the guy who sold me my lottery ticket and wanted to make sure I was 18 (wink wink)….he so has my business forEVAH!!!  To my favorite co-worker who told me how young I look.  THESE are the people who make turning 27 again, just fun!!  what’s a number anyway….phhht!!!

Since I didn’t take the day off, my awesome friends at work had b-day snacks aplenty in the healthy fashion…even the cake was a lo-cal version….of the frickin’ delish nature!!  And lovely flowers from one of the girls who just has an amazing garden of flowers and shares them for birthdays.  Adoration for lunch.  Bomb-dig.  Chinee-takee-outee (is that PC?) for dinner and homemade birthday cake for dessert.  Catching up on Once Upon a Time with the girls after showers.

Top it all off with a slew of text messages, phone serenades, Facebook/Twitter wishes, a super awesome “Thirty-One” casserole baking carrier, Silpada earrings, mani-pedi, hand soap….what girl could be happier??  None in this house.

And now, it’s time to put this 27 (again) gal to bed!  Peace out y’all!



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