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We all need a little help May 7, 2014

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As much as we ALL want to be supermom, superdad, super everything, we really can’t do it all.  Not on our own.  In fact we are the most productive and successful when we receive a helping hand, thought, word.  Today’s video reflection on the USSCB site was dead on.  The Hubs was up before me and told me about it (I generally just do the Daily Readings and occasionally the podcast reflection), so I watched for myself.  On the mark.  Completely.

USCCB Daily Reflection 5/7/14

Happy Humpday y’all!!!


2 Responses to “We all need a little help”

  1. Suzette Says:

    You most definitely are speaking to me!

    • tracye1 Says:

      well, technically it was the USCCB or more technically, the Holy Spirit, but glad you could use it! I certainly could, too! 🙂

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