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Might as well blog…. July 19, 2015

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Last weekend while I was enjoying Charleston with several hundred beautiful ladies not cooking dinner, refereeing “discussions” or washing dishes, my Hubby started a little reno project (the first of the whole house).  We turned our 2nd living room into a 4th bedroom with a temporary wall, knocked down 2 half-walls (decoration only, not weight bearing), added a door, switched 3 rooms of furniture around and we’ve been working on it all week.  (just to be clear, when I say “WE”, it is the collective we….mostly my Hubs and his handy-friend Bob)  Today is adding moulding, missing tile pieces, and (hopefully) completing the girls’ room set-up.    It’s going to be much better with all these big kids spreading out a bit more, but right now…..  This very second.  I am hiding.  In my room with the cat.  The pictures against the wall, 1/2 beds all over the house, random furniture that will be given or thrifted away, dust, noise and the general unsetteled ness is a bit too much for me.  Hats off to all you DIY people.  I like planning it (sort of) and the finished product but PHEW.  That in-between stuff.  Blech.


Best idea going.

Best idea going.

and then this broke.   20years old.  one-more-thing

and then this broke. 20years old. one-more-thing

maybe I'll work on this...exercise plan.  and storage ideas.  maybe.

maybe I’ll work on this…exercise plan. and storage ideas. maybe.

Calgon.  STAT!!

Calgon. STAT!!

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday


One Response to “Might as well blog….”

  1. Tammi Says:

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see the finished product:-)

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