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Joy comes in the morning September 11, 2017

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While this is not going to hold true for a great many as daylight breaks for those of us who were in the path of Hurricane Irma, I am counting my blessings.

Somewhere around 10 pm the strong winds began accompanied by rain who came well ahead of the winds.  The wind.  I have never in my life heard such a sound.  Accompanied by incessant tornado warnings and reports of local touchdowns, I could feel my heart racing.  “Jesus, I trust in you”, over and over and over.  Living St. Paul’s exhortation to “pray without ceasing” took on a whole new life.  Hubby, the kids and the animals slept.  Somewhere around 2 a.m. I joined them for a few hours.

Around 5, I tried to let the dog out to do his business but as we stood in the backyard doing a quick survey, the wind was too freaky and we both hightailed it back inside.  I see our fence is intact although our neighbor’s fence is leaning.  We have minimal water in the backyard (so far).

I am grateful.  For my family who is safe.  That I followed my instinct to get our son home yesterday, because he’d be stuck now.  A house that is still standing.  Power.  Coffee pre-made and heated up this morning.

Continued prayers as the storm heads toward my family and friends in North Florida and Georgia.

For now, I am charging my phone.  Drinking my coffee.  Praying some more and waiting for the next round of updates from friends and family.



One Response to “Joy comes in the morning”

  1. Patti Mitchell Higgins Says:

    So blessed is right! So glad you are all safe!❤️

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