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Trekking through life: Faith, family, friends and a whole lot of coffee!

Where I introduce myself… August 31, 2011

Family Photo sesh Oct '12

Family Photo sesh Oct ’12

I’m Tracy.  Married to my high school sweetheart with 4 awesome kiddos (12,13,almost 16, almost 18)  who routinely bring out every named emotion (and a few un-named ones) in this rearing of the children—especially now that we have a driver in the house 2 extra drivers in the house.

I “found” writing as my therapy dealing with life’s challenges  several years ago while raising 4 young children and doing my best keeping our life “normal”  while our family and our marriage experienced a tremendously difficult season.  Writing helped.  Teamwork helped.  God glued us all together and we made it through.  But THIS is not about THAT.  In THIS blog we ALL have a journey and we ALL have our crosses to bear at some time in our life.  How we accept those crosses molds us forever.

We’re Catholic and do the best we can and pretty much have a “fail moment” or ten each day, but we get back up and get at it again.

Yes, we meant to have a big family.

No we’re not perfect (but I like to pretend I am sometimes, OK a lot, I like to pretend it alot…)

I love coffee.

Sometimes I act like a 12 year old, sometimes a 2 year old, sometimes my age…40-something.  Sometimes inappropriate.  Sometimes tantrums.  Sometimes the voice of reason.  I’m real.  What you see is what you get.  I’m a work in progress.  Always.

We have a cat.  He’s a hot mess.  Sleeps, purrs, attacks feet, lizard killer, bird stalker and bringer in of mulch and various sticks attached to his fluffy tail from his backyard exploits.  Please don’t tell him he is capable of jumping the fence, we like to let him “out” and he likes to think he’s getting one over on us. **update** after 6 months he figured out the jumping thing and has even added hanging out on the roof to his repetoire..but he always comes home.

We’re all making our own trek in this life, thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to “Follow” and keep up with us, because in my “free time”  I keep adding stuff and you wouldn’t want to miss out!  😉


5 Responses to “Where I introduce myself…”

  1. Barkley Wilhite Says:

    I finally was able to get to your blog. I’m so thankful.

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and checking out my squash casserole recipe. I am enjoying reading your blog. You are a very strong woman………Exactly like my Aunt Shirley who passed away in April. I always admired her tough-as-nails personality and her ability to raise 2 boys, one heavily developmentally disabled for 7 years while my uncle was away in the same circumstances. After he came home, they rebuilt their life and if she had lived until July, they would have been married 60 years. I don’t believe in coincidence and I don’t want this chance to get away………I look forward to reading your new posts! KK

    • tracye1 Says:

      Ah, thanks! Enjoying your blog also and will be adding that squash casserole to our menu this week! YUM! Of course, I won’t tell the kids or Hubby what’s actually in it until they love it! LOL!

  3. Love this about section!!!! Coordinated colors for a family photo. Love it.

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