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7QTs organizing January 27, 2017

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Joining in with Kelly and friends to wrap up the week and chat a bit about organizing.

It has been one full week into my promotion and since I have been essentially doing the job for quite some time (now I get compensated for it) I didn’t think it would be much different.  And yet, for some reason—perhaps the cyclical life of my meetings that tend to occur in clusters, or perhaps just a few unfinished projects hanging over my head, I have been mentally scattered and it sucks.

This week I made a few strides in getting my “poop in a group” and it seems to be helping.  Now to let that overflow into my personal life and I’ll really be on to something, right?  In all actuality though, I think we could purge and re-organize ourselves to death, however…..I am seriously thinking of doing the 40 bags in 40 days for Lent this year.  It’s time, people.  It’s time.  (which will probably thrill my purge-happy Hubby)  🙂

So let’s review, shall we?

  1.  A notepad in a folder.   Probably called something else, but perfect for taking notes and holding on to handouts from meetings until they can be filed away.  And I’m not scrambling for something to write on.  Plus, I am just not there (yet) with taking a laptop to meetings.

2.  Folders.  To file handouts for current projects and so easy to just slip into the notebook folder and bring the whole shebang to meetings.  (I have no idea why these pictures all imported upside down, but Mama don’t have time to fix that right now)

3.  Paper calendar.  I don’t know.  It’s pretty and I really like having a paper calendar in case my phone died and the cloud died.  Mostly, we use our apple shared family calendar which has truly SAVED us especially when the kids put in their own activities.  Something about a tactile paper calendar though…..I just can’t do without it.

4.   Pretty pens.  Sometimes I like to get fancy.  And that little bag is from  my Black Friday score at Buckhead Betties.   Necessary?  Nope.  Everyone should have a little pretty going on, though.  

5.  This little journal my Youth group leaders gave us last year is so ADORABLE.  I use it for “deep thoughts”, planning life, blog ideas and just whatever. (I am a sucker for a pretty journal).  However,  I can’t commit to bullet journaling.  Sorry, not sorry.  I mean it looks beautiful and all, but I truly am just not that creative and the thought of organizing a journal for my barely-existent creative side….seriously stressful for me.  Kudos to those who do…..I’ll look at yours and smile.  Just not gonna happen here, though.  

6.  Look how nicely everything lines up in there with my little purse I can just pull out when necessary.  I love order.

7.  And the lovely little bag I scored at Target this week along with some of the other stuff above.  I told Hubs that Dave Ramsey would be proud because I a) paid cash and b) it was only $18 instead of $45, so SCORE!!!  (photobombed by sleeping cat—yes we do wipe the table down before eating!)

Have a great week, everyone!


The Day After January 21, 2017

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At work yesterday, I tuned into the news in time to see our 45th President sworn in.  It was a dreary weather day (in D.C.) and aside from protestors who chose to vandalize businesses and personal property, along with a burned limo, the transition of one leader to the next was peaceful.  What a glorious country we live in for this to happen without a coup or rebellion.  And those protestors?  Idiots.

Our choices were horrific, let’s face it.  However, let’s also realize that this IS our President (at least for the next 4 years barring any idiotic or illegal moves on his part) and we all need to move on.  Our country is screaming for change in so many areas.  That was President Obama’s platform:  Change.  That is President Trump’s platform:  Change back to greatness.  However, you slice it, we have some sprucing up to do, America.

President Trump gave a rousing (to the people) and scolding (to the politicians) speech with some pretty tremendous promises, but it seems that is what politicians have always done.   Time will tell what he will actually be able to do.  Time will tell.

Like it or not, let’s all pray for our President, our country and one another.  And if you haven’t seen this video from Peter’s Boat, it is worth a view…..we are called to love our neighbor.  All of them.  It starts with us if we are truly going to make America great again. As for me….I’m proud of our country, but my allegiance is to God.



Weekly wrap January 20, 2017

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Friday and checking in with Kelly and all the Quick Takers!

  1. What a week.  (dont’ we say that every week?)  but really.  Whoa.  Hubs had a conference last weekend that had him out of town on Friday-Sunday.   He then turned around and had a work conference Tues-Thurs.  While solo parenting bigs is a LOT easier than littles, it still turned our week a little topsy turvy.  So, so, so glad it’s Friday.
  2. I made a pork roast in the crock pot one night this week and failed to notice that it was so large that the lid was ever slightly lifted and we will just say that “leftovers” is a phrase that is getting big sighs and eye rolls around here lately!
  3. I made both of my workouts this week for the mayor’s challenge and am definitely working and definitely modifying due to some impingement issues on my shoulder.  So this is clearly going to be a battle of the plate the next 8 weeks.  Ugh.  I really want a cooking fairy!
  4. My first week of my new role is going well:  I truly enjoy not clocking in and out and refereed my first conflict—-which I truly do not enjoy, but I knew it going in, so……….any books on conflict?  throw ’em my way!!
  5. The Hubs hit a talk on scholarships and funding college and now we have an appointment next week to “meet with someone”.  Our oldest went into electrical school so this is new and interesting.  What happened to just signing up for the SAT and showing up with your ID and a check?  Now it’s a 30-40 minute application PROCESS and apparently scholarships are tied right on up in this whole scam.  Is it just me, or has our world truly gone ridiculous?  Does Keep It Simple, Stupid, just not apply anymore???  Again, wisdom?  Toss it on over here!!!
  6. We have a work event this weekend so I’ll be hoping that I can get my little menu going at some point and actually prep for next week…..abs are made in the kitchen, right?
  7. Our sweet girl’s confirmation is this weekend.  Surreal.  This life.  Too fast.  Man.

That’s it, for this week.  I actually have to make a move toward getting ready for work!  Peace out and happy weekend to you all!


Fluffy fiesta January 14, 2017

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Today was the day, kids:  weigh in.

Which, of course, means that last night was my “last supper”.  Because clearly I’m not fluffy enough, right?

And……………….Hubby out of town.  Girls out of the house.  Boys out of the house.  Just me and the dog.  Sign 1.  “Go home

Perhaps I should have taken it as a Sign 2 that my “sisterhood” were all either sick or otherwise occupied to just go home.  But noooooooooooooooooooo.   One sister was meeting some mutual friends out for some quick mexican before hitting the movies with her college boy who’s home for break.  And so.  I went.

It was fun.

I haven’t seen the other girls in a while, so fun to catch up and the food is good.  I ordered a margarita—as one does in a mexican restaurant– and split a quesadilla with my girl.

Let’s just say that if you only had $10 but really wanted to hit up happy hour and treat your friend as well…..I am your date, because  this body….just can’t do it anymore.

Fortunately, my saving grace is that I KNOW this about me and so I also ordered a water as a chaser.  First sip with the provided straw—my mind fast forwarded to me on the floor in 10 minutes if I continued down that road.  Straw tossed and I commenced to nurse that puppy, so hard that 30 minutes later I was barely 1/4 way in.   At this point, I gave up and offered to share with my friend.  She finished it for me which was a good choice for my body and I went home early to watch Under the Tuscan Sun (again) with my dog.

This morning I woke up with a flippin’ headache!!!!  Can you believe that nonsense?  I was FURIOUS!!!

I managed to fight through my 8 a.m. workout, which my body realllllllllly wanted to sleep through.  I had to move my spot in the gym because the sun.  The SUN.  Burning my eyes.  Not helping my head.  But I did it.  No jumping squats but also…….No hurling.  Head minimally aching.  Muscles sure to be sore.  But truly.  C’mon.  Barely 1/2 a margarita?!?!!?  With food.  And water.  clearly my body is protecting me, so I’ll be grateful for that.

Anywhooooooooo.  All measured up.  Weighed in.  Blood results back.  And there is work to be done.  (not a shocker or I wouldn’t be doing this)

Groceries have been bought.  I have the evening to plan meals and decide what needs to be prepped tomorrow.

Game ON.

Stay tuned………………and enjoy Saturday!


Hey ho, middle of January FRIDAY!! January 12, 2017

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Middle of January~~~ whoa.  Already?  Insanity!!

Linking it with Kelly and all the good peeps over there……………..

  1. I thought after having two short weeks in a row that this week would drag because 5 WHOLE WORK DAYS and all, but holy moly…….I don’t even really know what happened to this week, but it’s gone.  POOF.  Not complaining.  Truly.
  2. This week I gave my practice witness to my retreat team and I made it through.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to share it with the world wide webz, but cathartic and all that good stuff.  Often during our “catastrophic era” I would often pray “use this, Lord.  If what we are going through can help someone, than here I am, Lord.”  It was scary at first to pray that, but it didn’t take long to really own it in my heart.  And He uses it all.  Offer it up, buttercup.  Yup.
  3. Onto funnier things…………..this week I started my week 1 of my 10 week challenge.  Had my first workout on Monday, drew my labs (cholesterol and glucose) and will get measured up on Saturday.  I’ll hit the eating healthier portion next week….too much to tackle all in one week.  But  let’s talk about the workout.  I walk.  I spin.  I do not boot camp.  And every single muscle reminded  me all week long.  I can finally laugh without crying.
  4. At  my workout I was absolutely scoping out my competition and it is going to be tough.  No lie. Plenty of other fluffy folks with that gleam in their eye.  Let’s see who brings it home.  Absolutely in reach, though.  Fo sho!
  5. We have a kiddo preparing for her Confirmation next week and all she has left is her retreat weekend and her loser mother to pay the $20 fee—-I completely forgot about it!  She’s excited to just go to Mass and Youth group and not feel OBLIGATED to service hours and projects.    I’m excited for her!!
  6. We have another kiddo preparing for high school next year and oh….the….drama.  The decision between which high school, which academy, band or cheer.  Oy.  I think we are close to a decision and after her open house tonight I’m certain it will be settled.
  7. While the rest of the nation gloats in all their snow pictures we’ll just be over here minding our business in our 70 degree weather contemplating to turn on the AC or not.  Who knows.  We have another month or so of winter, so maybe I can whip out the boots again for one more turn.

Alright, alright, alright.  Have a great week and I’ll be settling into my new JOB PROMOTION.  Happy weekending!!!


If you dangle a carrot.. January 9, 2017

One week into 2017, how’s everyone doing out there?

We’re doing well here, although this coming week will be our first FULL week back into school and work.  I can sure get used to 3 and 4 day work weeks!!!  Nice.  Very Nice!!

Any resolutions?  I didn’t really make any official proclamation of resolutions so to speak.  A few internal conversations with myself on organization and time management and healthy eating and food prep and yada yada yada, but really.  Nothing truly earth shattering.

Our Dave Ramsey train keeps plugging away.  A full year and 2 months in and I remember listening to Dave and at one point him saying that the average of people meeting financial goals through his plan took about 3 years.  That is a long time to be budget focused.  However, if you live another 40-50 years….3 years isn’t so much.  Right?  We’re definitely making headway, using our cash and are far more intentional with our spending.  A long way to go from perfect, but learning and making strides and that is something!

Tomorrow starts a 10-week “Mayor’s challenge” for the town I work in and so I joined with a few  friends.  Our team works towards points and each person needs to attend 2 of 3 workouts each week and at the end of the week the individual male and female winners are awarded $1000.  Hello there $1000 carrot.

My veggies are prepped.  Lunch is made.  Workout plan for the week is a go and now to turn  in for a good night sleep.  I am.  In it.  To win it.  Certainly going to work my tail off anyway.  And with the cold weather all weekend, we got the good cookies made and on their way out of the house via bellies, so I’d say.  I’m ready.

Stay tuned.  It’s only my 400 millionth effort at this, surely one of these will stick.  And for $1000, I am certain to have  a few good habits and results take root over the next 10 weeks!!!

Happy 2nd week of 2017!!


How we survive winter in the South January 8, 2017

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Well.  It finally happened.  One week into January and it actually got COLD here in Florida.  High in the 50s yesterday and looks to be about the same or a bit cooler AND windy today.  Needless to say, there is a level of confusion here in the South when it gets “cold”.   With a large number of snowbirds (my personal aspiration and 5-10 year plan!) they chuckle at us as we don our boots with the fur and every scarf, hat and warm jacket we own to make it through these bitter days.  Of course, on the flip side we scoff at their heat and humidity intolerance during August, so it all evens out.

In the meantime, I’ll drink a ridiculous amount of coffee and hot beverages and hunker down .

So that you don’t fret too much for us, here are a few ways we shall soldier through these 2 days of cold:

3 Bean Bake in the crockpot (instaNOTHIN’) and sour cream muffins for dinner–certain to bring all my chickens back to the nest for a family dinner!

NO.  Please don’t confuse this was a 90-year old grandpa.  Just our resident  17 yo son wearing the ever present socks and Chakos.  Even his girlfriend is embarrassed.  I’ve just let him have this battle.  This is also the same kid that didn’t own a pair of jeans until he was 16.  The cold simply confuses him.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure my tights are on year 6 or 7.  When you only wear them once or twice a year…..lifelong extra layer for the win!

Poor dude.  He has alllllllllllllllll the blankets in his crate.  I know he looks cold, but secretly really enjoys running like a bat our of he**  in the backyard in circles and then passing out in one of his favorite chairs.  (aka all of them)

Then there’s me.  Yesterday, I started out the day in capris, a 3/4 length peasant top and flip flops.  Perfectly fine when the day started at 70 degrees.  But then as we hit Target a few hours later and some thrift stores, it plummeted to 52 and so I added my Banana Republic Cardigan/Sweater—so toasty and light!! and switched the flops for my clogs.  Kinda dorky, but really didn’t care.  My feet were warm.  Therefore, I understand my son’s confusion.  We just basically hybrid everything and know that it 2 days from now it will be 70 and we can go back to our usual wardrobe.

As for the rest of y’all.  Brrr.  I don’t even know.  How DO you do it?  Seriously?  I just can’t even.


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