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Great things take great effort June 5, 2013

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Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary.  Can I get a whoop, whoop?!?!?  It was also the last day of school….oh, GLORY HALLELUJAH, BRING ON SUMMER!!!  Anyhoo, I decided to re-post a piece from my prior blog (now private).  It is still very much applicable, almost 2 years later.  

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2011

I’ve been reflecting on marriage a lot lately.  It seems there are marriages falling apart all around me.  I shouldn’t be surprised, really….what with roughly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, however, it makes me sad everytime I hear it.


I was talking to my hubby about it, because, quite honestly I was just feeling so down about it and the fact that, as a friend, I truly wasn’t encouraging any of my friends (who are currently separated and heading in the D direction)  to stay in their marriages.  I suppose it would seem easy for me to stand up and say “Seriously???  come on.  If I can do it, so can you.”  The reality is that every situation is different.  And that’s why I don’t say that.  People might say it to me, but I can’t say it to them.  We are all different people.  In our situation, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive the graces of forgiveness, humility and courage to start over.  We learned to communicate….and continue to practice, because we both still can’t quite get it “just right”….the bottom line is that we were both willing to work on the things that needed to change.  To recognize that it’s a lifelong process.  Much like faith.  Our walk is one that needs daily tending, pruning, communication and open-ness.  Marriage is the perfect opportunity to practice our Faith-walk.


These current separations and divorces among friends have reminded me that we all struggle.  Behind closed doors with our family we become ridiculously unfair, unkind, impatient and rude.  It’s easy to do and we rarely hear about it because it’s not shared until it’s all laid bare, naked and ugly for all the world to see.  Why don’t we share more often?  Are we that proud?  Stubborn?  Self-righteous?  Blaming the other?


Marriage is hard.  Communication and compromise are hard.  It’s a full on marathon.  Requiring endurance, focus and determination. If we don’t approach each task in love, our marriages will not survive.  And then what legacy do we leave to our children?  In this “Year of Marriage”, let us encourage one another in our marriages.  Encourage and honestly guide those engaged couples.  Newlyweds.  Friends.  Family.  That we can receive strength and guidance from those who are long married.  Let us re-prioritize our marriages and continually renew the love that got us here in the first place!

Carry on friends.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for.  Marriage takes effort.  It takes TWO.  And it’s worth it.



She let go May 30, 2013

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NO!!!  Stop looking at prom dresses and bridesmaid gowns!!

NO!!! Stop looking at prom dresses and bridesmaid gowns!!

It’s the end-of-the-year craziness and the other night we had to drop our baby (4th grader) off at her teacher’s house for a class party—-she is THE coolest teacher!!  Walking up to the group gathered on the front lawn and to say a “howdy” prior to making a break for the band concert with our 7th grader, I subconsciously put my hand out for our little girl to hold on to…which she did….and then——she let go.  She.  Let.  Go.  WHAT?!?!?!?  THE?!?!??!!  WHAT?!?!!?!?  I’m still reeling from this.  This girl-child.  Our baby.  Is my shadow, my velcro-baby, the youngest, the diva, the high-maintenance, quality time, physical touch, child.  And sometimes I just don’t want to be touched.  Sometimes I need my space.  Now.  I’m thinking I may have gotten my wish as she crosses over to the too-cool-to-hold-hands-with-my-mom age.  I’m dying inside.  Dying, I tell you.


Friday..flipping it to the weekend May 17, 2013

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Here we go, people.  Friday.  Sliding into the weekend.  After this week from H.E.double toothpicks at work, I’m THRILLED to see it here.  Now if I make it through the day without the big cheese showing up with a briefcase and calling me into the office, I’ll be good to go.


— 1 —

In case you missed it, yesterday was my birthday.  27 again.  See yesterday’s post for the deets. Pics at the bottom!

— 2 —

With all the work stress, I’ve been REALLY, REAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY trying to decide what ELSE I want to do/be when I grow up.  Hubby has some good ideas, so this weekend I’ll have to actually sit down and get the ball rolling.

— 3 —

I did spend time in Adoration yesterday, which is ALWAYS good for some peace.  Trust.  Strength.  Courage.  And I’ll trust that God will provide the window/door/key at the appropriate time.

— 4 —

I did come up with some ideas on blog changes as well, something I’ve been mulling over for a while.  It’s a little lower on the priority list but I think they are some good and useful ideas, especially for busy people who want to live and eat healthier.  Got your attention, right??

— 5 —

I’m going to start sewing!!!!  I’m currently looking for a good machine…not terribly complicated but able to do wild and crazy things.  Maybe THAT’S my next calling!!!!  Or just a stress relief.  Either way…ideas????  Send ’em on….

— 6 —

May is winding down.  We still have a spring band concert, awards, 5th grade graduation and end of the year parties to go, but we are taking it one-day-at-a-time and checking the white board calendar as we go.  Love summer, but getting through May is a necessary evil, no?

— 7 —

Bday flowers at work.  Gracing a work station.

Bday flowers at work. Gracing a work station.

Homemade bday cake!!  Deeeeeelish!!!

Homemade bday cake!! Deeeeeelish!!!

Bday dinner.  Before the carnage.  You'd think we never feed these kids!

Bday dinner. Before the carnage. You’d think we never feed these kids!

Our post-brawl cat sleeping it off in the boys open drawer.  At least he's eating and drinking and moving around now.

Our post-brawl cat sleeping it off in the boys open drawer. At least he’s eating and drinking and moving around now.

My great casserole dish bag from "Thirty One"..HMU if you want one, I'll put you in touch with Amanda!

My great casserole dish bag from “Thirty One”..HMU if you want one, I’ll put you in touch with Amanda!

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27 again…birthday fun! May 16, 2013

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Every time I turn 27 again, it’s just awesome.  Really.  (16 times now, I’m getting good at this!!)  To the guy who sold me my lottery ticket and wanted to make sure I was 18 (wink wink)….he so has my business forEVAH!!!  To my favorite co-worker who told me how young I look.  THESE are the people who make turning 27 again, just fun!!  what’s a number anyway….phhht!!!

Since I didn’t take the day off, my awesome friends at work had b-day snacks aplenty in the healthy fashion…even the cake was a lo-cal version….of the frickin’ delish nature!!  And lovely flowers from one of the girls who just has an amazing garden of flowers and shares them for birthdays.  Adoration for lunch.  Bomb-dig.  Chinee-takee-outee (is that PC?) for dinner and homemade birthday cake for dessert.  Catching up on Once Upon a Time with the girls after showers.

Top it all off with a slew of text messages, phone serenades, Facebook/Twitter wishes, a super awesome “Thirty-One” casserole baking carrier, Silpada earrings, mani-pedi, hand soap….what girl could be happier??  None in this house.

And now, it’s time to put this 27 (again) gal to bed!  Peace out y’all!



Mother’s Day Wrap-up May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and all moms out there.  We’re having a nice day here so far….I woke up with a headache/migraine-starter, 50% chance of rain expected for the afternoon BUUUUUUUUT……I have Excedrin on board, with coffee, Hubby is making breakfast, our youngest couldn’t wait to give me her present (which promptly made me cry) and she promised to smile this year for our picture.  Here’s hoping for the best!

Today though, I realize that it hasn’t always been such a super day for me and it isn’t such a super day for everyone else.  In fact, today can be a painful reminder for many women.  Today I’ll remember my cousins who buried their mom a few weeks ago and other friends whose moms have passed away over the years.  I’ll remember friends who are estranged from their mothers and struggle and doubt their own motherhood and parenting (which, BTW is phenomenal!!) .  I’ll remember friends who’ve never had a chance to be a mother due to infertility.   I’ll remember friends who have lost children.  I’ll remember friends who  care for special needs children.  I’ll remember friends who are single mothers.  I’ll remember friends who are struggling with prodigal children.  I’ll remember friends  who might be let down by the commercialism and in-your-face-ness of the perfect Mother’s Day.

This morning and this day I cried a few times, tears of joy and love, from a heart filled with gratitude toward my husband who is setting a beautiful example for our children through our marriage and his parenting, for children who test me, teach me, love me, forgive me, make me laugh and make each day better just by being part of our family.


Blast from the past!

Blast from the past!

Me, my Mom and my sister

Me, my Mom and my sister

Last year.  Just keepin' it real.  Truly a favorite picture!!

Last year. Just keepin’ it real. Truly a favorite picture!!

Mom's photo after Mass, my awesome necklace, cake and card.

Mom’s photo after Mass, my awesome necklace, cake and card.

And so the kid photo is a little blurry…Hubby is no fan of the iPhone camera and gave me full permission (demanded) I get my real camera fixed….beautiful necklace of which you can design your own HERE, the Publix cake and sweet girl’s card/letter to me.  And just think, my birthday is only 4 days away and we can do this AGAIN!!!!


Precious life December 15, 2012

Photo via Sometimes Martha, always Mary...whose POST gave peace in my heart in the midst of yesterday's tragedy.

Photo via Sometimes Martha, always Mary...whose POST gave me a slice of peace in my heart in the midst of yesterday’s tragedy.

I don’t know if I’ll write more or if this is it.

Yesterday’s news was incomprehensible.  I can’t imagine nor do I WANT to imagine.  When my mind starts to go there….it just can’t.  Can’t.

We live in a culture of death.  The media will feed on this for weeks.  Each story will bring new knowledge and grief.  Only time will bring healing.

Political agenda on guns?  Some will turn this into it.  The reality is:  You can’t legislate morality.  Stole that from my Hubby…he’s brilliant, BTW.

As for me, I went to Adoration at lunch yesterday.  Cried, prayed and cried some more. A pattern I’m certain to repeat in the coming days.  Lord, have mercy.

I hugged my kids and my Hubby.  Hard.  Long.  Even my 13 and 15 year olds did not pull away.

We let our son go skate with his friends.  We let our daughter go to her birthday party.  You have to live.

We watched Elf.  Our son ate spaghetti and syrup for dinner (in preparation for Elf).  I joined in with this gal and this gal as they hosted a “Twitter party” during Elf.  I made peppermint milkshakes and let everyone finish the leftover luncheon “Cherry Cheesecake Dip” (Pinterest WIN!!)  Laughing felt great.  Therapy.

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 7.20.44 AM

I texted with my mom and my sister.

I read the news sparingly.

Today.  I’m up.  I’ll walk.  I’ll pray. Hubby and I will decide how to proceed with broaching this topic with our kids.   We’ll make a more concentrated effort at living each day as a PRESENT.  We’ll live our lives with RESPECT to LIFE.  All life.  We will trust in God even when we don’t understand, even when we are furious, confused, scared and anxious.  Our children and our lives are not our own.  We belong to Him. Let us love one another.

Jesus, come quickly.  Until then,

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.




When you can’t fix it…. September 18, 2012

I came to a revelation of sorts yesterday while I was home with our sick kiddo.  First of all, I am not really a patient mother/wife/person when it comes to dealing with sick people,  perhaps it comes from dealing with sick people all day; I have no compassion.  It’s awful. I know.  I try to be kind, but it is forced.  The same thing happens if someone is going through a really difficult mental issue.  No compassion.  I try.  Again, it’s forced and impatient.  Last night, in talking with Hubby I realized that when it comes to my family and friends and their sickness and struggles I harden because I’m angry.  I’m not angry with THEM, I’m angry with the fact that there is NOTHING I can do to “fix it”.  I might be able to lessen the symptoms and make them more comfortable, however, for me…..that’s not enough, I want it fixed.  Over, done and move on. It is why I am calm in the middle of a crisis (mostly), I focus on the end, the solution and what I can do to get there.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this information.  Mentally, I KNOW I can’t fix anything…and it is a work on growing my faith to do what I CAN do in loving on my friends and family during their times of sickness and struggle and to trust in Him, the Great Physician to take care of the rest.  So, I suppose now that I’ve identified my issue I can pray on it and listen for direction and perhaps maybe, just maybe, be a little more compassionate when those times come.

Mark 16:18 “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


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