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Birthdaze June 14, 2015

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May and June are busy celebration months around here with lots of cake, so yeah.  Good times!!!

  • My birthday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Nephew’s birthday
  • Sister’s birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Hubby’s birthday
  • Daughter’s birthday
  • Father’s Day

The Hubs and the baby girl of the family have their birthdays within a week of each other.  Which means twice in one week we will have Chinese food for dinner and cake.  Yum x2!


The girls are getting ready to spend time with my mom this week annnnnnnnd my sister and her family while my nephew is in a baseball tournament in Cooperstown so they have some busy and fun-filled days ahead of them.  Anticipating that, I took the girls and friends to the beach for the night to celebrate that precious 12 year-old’s birthday.   What that boils down to is this:  Beach, Pool,  pizza lunch at 230p.m., cake for dinner, grapes and carrots for snack, nighttime walk on beach and late bedtime.  Followed by waking up for sunrise, walking to waffles across the street, pool swim and everyone back in bed at 9:15 a.m.  I’m anticipating a rally for a last minute beach time or dragging girls home by noon.  For now, I’m enjoying my view, the sounds of the ocean and silence….sweet, sweet silence in the condo.  ;-)



The sad reality of reality TV May 23, 2015

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I’m going to confess that I have watched a few Real Housewives in the past.  (I even checked into the Khardashians for about 15 minutes and yeah…ummm, I just can’t even.)  Pure entertainment from a completely surreal and alternate universe of “real”.  They were always amusing until the repetitive catfights.  Meow.  I mean….I am 45 and I’ve never fought with my girlfriends like that.  My sister in our hormone fueled teen years maybe….but not my friends.  I’ve never even seen my friends fight like that with other friends.

Anyway, the reality is that as a society we can’t wait for these Reality TV people to fall in real life and Man.  The press is all over that like white on rice.  We have sunk to a ridiculously new low with these shows.  My idea of Reality TV is HGTV…you know reno shows.  Good stuff!  Show me what I can do when I knock down a wall…THAT’S what I’m talking about.

And now, with Josh Duggar.  I know this is going to be controversial but several things just really stand out to me here.

  • This was 13 years ago, right?  He was 14.  Right?
  • It appears the family addressed this in several ways and there weren’t any further issues.
  • He repented.  He moved on.  There was forgiveness.
  • I’m not condoning any actions here, but it would seem this was dealt with on many different levels at the time it occurred.  And of course, we only know what we hear in the press… let’s take it all with a grain of salt, the truth lies somewhere in between and since I have no personal knowledge of this situation, my assumptions are as generalized as the folks who are ready to hang this young man.  For something he repented of.  as a teenager.

Isn’t this what we desire when people are wrong?  When they make poor choices?  Repentance.  Rehabilitation.  Are we now saying that a 14 year old can’t ever recover from mistakes?  Yes, they are at the age of reason, but they are not fully developed in the brains yet.  This is why we don’t consider them adults until they are 18.  Even then it’s another 7 years until the frontal neurons finally connect and actions and consequences are (hopefully) more understood.  Then why do we even bother with rehab programs and releasing people from juvenile detention, jail and prison?  Because if you can’t be expected to recover from  your mistakes at 14 do we ever??

I realize the biggest concern is that this is of sexual nature, however, shouldn’t actions be the proof of rehabilitation?  Truly, this can be translated to every poor choice made:  drugs, alcohol, theft, running with the wrong crowd.  It just seems ridiculous to me to expect change but to never REALLY expect that it will occur.

Unfortunately, once people put themselves “out there” it’s game on in the public perception.  I hope and pray we, as a society, can let go of this mob mentality and maybe the reality tv trash, too.



May reminds me of a freight train May 4, 2015

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image via the web

image via the web

The merry, merry month of May.  Truly it is.  The month of Mary.  Mother’s Day.  My birthday.  My sister and nephew’s birthdays.  Memorial Day.  Graduations.  The coming promise of summer.  All good stuff.  Truly.

And then, there is the avalanche of the end-of-the-school-year stuff.  End of course exams.  Banquets. Concerts.  Field Trips.  Band sign up for the coming year.  Take it all and multiply it by the number of kids you have and crap…suddenly May kind of sucks.  It’s like pouring 10 pounds of something into a 5 pound bag.  And it’s all GOOD stuff, so it’s really dumb for me to whine, but dang.  It’s exhausting.

The light at the end of the tunnel is no more projects, homework agendas, exams, early wake ups and fight to GET. IN. BED. ALREADY!  Because even though teenagers NEED a crazy amount of sleep, for some reason they are night owls who fight it.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Summer is coming.   Long days.  A rest (of sorts) to the schedule.  Beach days.  Friends, fun and boredom. Bring it on.  Now….just need to figure out when my friends are available to play!!

May the 4th be with you.  All month long!!


Fitbit fun May 3, 2015

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So I joined the fitbit party.  At work we are having a corporate-wide “Eat Right for Life” challenge and since I am already tracking my food (week 1–mostly tracked, definitely an improvement) I thought this would be a good addition.

And you might have read my recent post on how I’m not super motivated because quite frankly I’m comfortable, but……in all reality…..I do believe menopause is on the horizon.  So, I thought maybe I should put a little effort forth and be in my best fighting shape (plus I am reading diet MAY help with the hot flashes and holy heckfire…..if it does, I.  AM.  ALL.  IN. If not, I end up a little healthier, right?  Plus, I have a slight competitive side and am visually motivated, so when I see I am 2,000 steps short of my 10,000 for the day; I lace up and hit it until my wrist vibrates.  Done.

But my favorite part of the fitbit?  In addition to the heart rate feature and watch?  The sleep feature!  Oh my goodness.  I am ridiculously anticipating each morning’s sync so I can see how many times I was restless, woke up, how long it took me to sleep and how much sleep I actually got.  Weird, I know.  But it is SOOOOO COOL!!!

Anyhoo….I am on the lookout for a cuter wrist band or figure out how to make one, but in the meantime trying to get over my frustration of today since I forgot to put it on after my shower and pulled a shift at the hospital where I KNEW I’d bank serious steps, but alas, the steps were still banked, just not logged.  Life will go on.


I stabbed my husband May 2, 2015

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In the ear.  With my thumb nail.  Going to give him a hug.  It bled.  True story.

I have also elbowed him in the eye.  In bed.  Rolling over to give him a hug.  Another true story.

I have stepped on him while he was icing his back.

Tripped over his feet.

Mom, you should have named me Grace.

Tonight I spilled my entire glass of water at dinner.  Right onto his placemat.  Fortunately, it was a lovely evening and we were eating outside so most of it went through the table.  We just laughed.  And our girls?  Didn’t even bat an eye.

Why am I blogging about this?  Because someone, somewhere might really need a laugh and I offer you my clutziness.




Hump Daaaaay April 8, 2015

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OK.  Slept in this a.m.

I’m a sore everywhere whiny baby.

Slept terribly.  Tossed and turned.  Hot.  cold.  Grumpy mama this a.m.

But…….the clothes are ready to roll for the a.m.

So, bring on Thursday!



One day at a time April 7, 2015

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Don’t worry, I won’t possibly keep this up daily; but here’s a couple of updates for you. :mrgreen:

OPI gel polish system: my nails looked great all week, despite only one coat. The tips were wearing off slightly by the end of the week, but overall… Fantastic hold!!  Also, regular nail polish remover worked just fine.

Day 2 of “back at it”:  I did it. I’m sure to be a sore and whiny baby tomorrow with all muscle groups aching, but I did it. Also, food wise….. Pretty good.  Pretty good. So, there’s that.

Baby steps. One day at a time.




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